Kent Peterson

Kent Peterson
Vocals | Guitar

Kent was born in 1961 and lived most of his life in the East Bay area.  Music has always been a love, and he can remember at a very early age sitting at the piano and plunking out melodies of songs he’d heard.  That led to many piano lessons as a young child and ultimately picking up the guitar at age 12, and he’s been playing and singing ever since.  As a teen in the 70’s, Kent spent hours playing  along with vinyl records of such artists and bands such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, Kansas, Peter Frampton, Styx and many others, including the one of his favorites, Chicago.  His love for classic rock has never waned.  In the early 80’s he was a part of the Christian rock band Logos, which had a decent following in the East Bay area. 
Kent has spent almost his entire life playing music in the church.  We’re not talking choirs or organs, but guitar-driven, modern Christian worship music, even performing an occasional Chicago song at a church service when appropriate. In 2008 Kent broke out into the Sacramento classic rock band scene and helped form the Sacramento-based Styx tribute band, Blue Collar Men, and has been handling the lead vocals and half the guitar parts to this day.
Kent has been active in the Sacramento area music scene as a recording guitarist and producer of independent projects. In addition to Blue Collar Men, and Chicago the Tribute, Kent is a part of the acoustic pop duo, Waiting For Sunday, along with keyboardist/vocalist Manuel Luz. 
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